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Linda and Her Sisters

I love this painting.  I tried to capture the lovely moment when all three sisters were united in their laughter.  It always gets a reaction from women; no matter the age, appearance or number they always identify something of themselves in the moment.  The most frequently used word to describe the picture is 'joyous'.  I think it captures the relationship which is special to a group of only women; a male presence would change the dynamic.

I hope it makes you smile!


Oil on canvas board

Frame 580 x 475mm

Image 508 x 406mm


Mounted Prints

Prints are attractively presented in a pale ivory, high quality mount with firm backing board.

508 x 406mm mount

400 x 300mm image

£35 incl p&p

UK only

Contact Mike for overseas sales



14 x 11" mount

A4 image

£15 incl. p&p UK only

Contact Mike for overseas sales

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